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Information Superhighway Engineering Resources, Inc. is a California corporation formed March 23, 1994
and carries on the honored tradition of service to the industry.



Information Superhighway Engineering Resources, Inc. is located in Clinton, Utah. We specialize in Consulting to the Broadband Telecommunications industry. The company provides project management, construction and network operation to both the CATV and Telephone industries. We have successfully completed projects in Poland, Thailand, China and Vietnam as well as in the United States. One of our more recent projects was the management of the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics for AT&T Broadband, Inc.

COMPANY BACKGROUND           Back to the TOP

Information Superhighway Engineering Resources, Inc. was incorporated in the state of California, March 23, 1994 for the purpose of providing Engineering, Management, and Services to the Telecommunications industry. It provides consultants to the equipment manufacturing and Operating Systems worldwide. Various activities include projects in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Poland and domestic United States.

CONSULTING PROJECTS           Back to the TOP

Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games

Project Management, Salt Lake City, UT. for AT&T Broadband, Inc. Information Superhighway supplied 14 professionals to this project to manage and implement all aspects of the Planning, Budgeting, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of the AT&T Broadband Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games sponsorship. We built Networks which provided Olympic programming to 10 Completion Venues, 14 Non-Competition Venues and 25 Other high profile locations during the Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games. Once the Games began, we maintained flawless service to all locations 24 hours - 7 days per week through the entire Games. This high profile project was completed for slightly less than the $8.5M budget and all deadlines were met.

AT&T Broadband, Inc.

Project Management,  Montgomery, AL. for AT&T Broadband, Inc. Managed all aspects of a $12M network upgrade. We designed and install a central Headend and two DWDM Hub facilities. During this upgrade the network bandwidth was substantially increased to accommodate digital services as well as High Speed Data Internet. The reverse path was installed to complete support of the added services. During this project we were responsible for choosing, ordering and installing all components of the Network per our design. This project was completed in record time and under budget.

TCI (Tele-communications, Inc.)

Temporary National Division Director of Technical Operations, Chicago, IL. Information Superhighway supplied 7 consultants to this project. Directed all technical operations. Reorganized the region and recruited more than 170 executives and staff. Supervised construction of a new Super Headend, Network Operating Center, Training Center, and Dispatch Center. Reorganized, trained and developed staff for 24 hour 7 day shifts in 5 departments. Developed and implemented an AM/FM-GIS solution to plant design and data management to facilitate Telephony Over Coax connectivity and E911 services. Developed and implemented enhanced services for the region ( Telephony, High Speed Data, and Digital TV). Developed and implemented Network Monitoring and Management including all outside plant, Headends & hubs, enhanced services, facility security and environmental controls.


NYNEX Science & Technology, Asia

Developed 2 million line Network plan for Bangkok, Thailand. Produced and presented proposals for wideband technologies over HFC architecture in China, Thailand, and Vietnam, to include Telephony and Data Communications. Adapted analog HFC technology to the existing SDH (European SONET) network. Developed performance and design specifications for the Bangkok Network. Created procedures for Provisional Acceptance Tests of the Bangkok Network. Worked on teams from NYNEX Network Systems and Charoen Pokphand Group in several Asian countries.


BACKGROUND of the PRESIDENT            Back to the TOP

Ronald L. Goodrich, President, Information Superhighway Engineering Resources, Inc., March 1994 until the present

Information Superhighway has been involved in many Industry leading project. We have provided product development consulting to industry leaders such as Harmonic Lightwaves, Linear Circuit Innovations, Inc., AM Communications, TriAcess and Alcetel. We have provided market studies and opinions to General Instrument, Hong Kong regarding the Asian Market (primarily in China).

We designed the Fiber Optic Network for Bangkok, Thailand. Provide numerous Broadband proposals for NYNEX in China and Vietnam. We have turn-key managed several high profile projects for TCI and AT&T Broadband, Inc. Our latest accomplishment was the complete management of AT&T's Olympic Sponsorship. All of these project have been very successful for both our clients and Information Superhighway. We have grown to be a well developed, highly experienced and reliable resource to the Telecommunications industry.

During the 23 years prior to becoming President of Information Superhighway, Mr. Goodrich served in many capacities with several MSO's. Positions in Engineering and Management for such companies as TelePrompTer, Westinghouse, Televents, WestMarc, TCI and Wescom.

> Corporate Staff Engineer, Western Communications, Inc. (Wescom), March 1993 to July 1994

> Director of Engineering, Ventura County Cablevision, Western Communications, March 1990 through March 1993

> Corporate Director of Engineering, WestMarc Cable Group, Inc., December 1987 through January 1990

> Corporate Engineering Manager, Televents Group, Inc., February 1984 through December 1987

> Staff Engineer, Group W Cable (Westinghouse), September 1982 through February 1984

> Chief Engineer of Research and Development, TelePrompTer Engineering Center, Tampa, Fl., July 1980 through Sep. 1982

> Electronic Engineer, TelePrompTer Engineering Center, Tacoma, WA., April 1977 through July 1980

> Plant Manager (Chief Engineer), TelePrompTer of Great Falls, Mt., June 1971 through April 1977


DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS            Back to the TOP

Our expertise can provide you with the most professional Planning, Architectural and Feasibility Studies, Drafting, Design, Engineering, Evaluation and Characterization, Proof-of-Performance of all types and technologies of Distribution Systems. HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax), FTTH (Fiber To The Home), as well as classic architectures, are our specialty. We provide all normal and custom Engineering services to the CATV (Cable Television) industry. All of the above services and features can include Network Monitoring and Management hardware and software. We can provide equipment and labor for all your Distribution needs. 


Because of our 33 years of experience, we have forged relationships with many of the world wide suppliers of Tele-communications equipment. During this time we have provided key Applications Engineering input to several manufacturers and have represented then directly in the international arena and thus increasing their sales and penetration into the market. We have on many occasions provided Customer Service and Product Representation for developing companies and thereby supplementing their efforts. In short if you are a Manufacturer in the CATV or Tele-communications industry who needs help getting your products in front of the customer, we can help.

HEADEND            Back to the TOP

We can provide Planning, Drafting, Design, Engineering, Up-grade, Proof-of-Performance, and Maintenance for all size Headends. Our experience spans 33 years of technology including the most current State-of-the-Art Enhanced services, such as Telephony over Coax, High Speed Data, and Digital TV. We can provide equipment and labor for all your Headend needs.

OPERATIONS            Back to the TOP

Our experience spans 33 years in the industry operating Tele-communications Networks such as Cable TV, Telephone employing AML and FML Microwave links, SDH, SONET, ATM, Analog Fiber Optic and RF delivery technology.

We can manage systems and personnel. Our specialty is providing temporary Management and Engineering Management expertise backed with the ability to locate and acquire permanent staffing for you Network Operation needs. We can provide one time or formal training programs of any magnitude. We can provide independent personnel evaluations, strategic planning, Trouble Shooting, and Budgeting services.

PRODUCTS CONSULTING            Back to the TOP

Our involvement in the Engineering and Management of several of the largest Tele-communications companies in the world have provide a seamless bond to many of the industry Equipment Manufacturers and Vendors. Because of this, we have provide much needed aid to equipment suppliers in the Asian markets. When their product was not understood, we found ways to get the message through to the customer.

We are very well equipped to provide independent Evaluation, Testing, and Qualification of any kind or type of Tele-communications electronics. We Evaluate and Test industry related products for Operators and Manufacturers. Providing a non-biased view of all aspects and features of these products for use in marketing and equipment selection is our specialty.

PROJECTS            Back to the TOP

We can help you with your Project Planning, Budgeting, Implementation, Management and Oversight needs.

Past experience has provide us with expertise at managing New Build and Rebuild projects. We have managed development and construction of Network Operating Centers and Master Headends for the largest MSO's in the world. Our latest project was the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games. We managed it well and provided flawless service at a cost which was under budget.

We have developed and presented Broadband Tele-communications proposals is several countries, to include, Thailand, China, Vietnam.

SATELLITE AND TVRO            Back to the TOP

We are expert at developing Commercial Satellite antenna sites. We can do complete site surveys to show performance and potential interference. We can plan, draft, design, and implement antennas of any size. We do not work with home systems. Although TVRO antennas are being used less in the USA, they are on a growing scale in the International markets. We stand ready to provide whatever resources you may need regarding planning, design, and installation of TVRO devises.

SITE SURVEYS            Back to the TOP

We have the most up-to-date methods to provide automated data to document a very thorough evaluation of any potential antenna/Headend site. We can make recommendations for tower height and placement. We can provide data showing channel performance and degradation of all available channels.


Our expertise can provide you with the most professional Planning, Architectural and Feasibility Studies, Drafting, Design, Engineering, Evaluation and Characterization, Proof-of-Performance of all types and technologies of Transportation Systems. LAN, WAN Metropolitan Area Networks, using Analog or Digital Microwave or Fiber Optic links. HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax), FTTH (Fiber To The Home), as well as classic architectures, are our specialty. Digital SONET and ATM Microwave and Fiber Optic Systems providing Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint services. All of the above services and features can include Network Monitoring and Management hardware and software. We can provide equipment and labor for all your Transportation needs. We are thoroughly competent at design and construction of higher technology transportation systems, both analogue (DWDM) and Digital systems (SONET & SDH).

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